Final Destination 6 Concept Trialer, Set in the 12th Century!?

Before we get to anything I must fret that nothing and I mean NOTHING has been made official in regards to where the sixth Final Destination film will go or if it will even happen. But a tidbit of awesomeness has made its way online and it certainly puts my faith back in the franchise if this is a direction they are seriously looking into.

Recently a concept trailer made its way online which was apparently commissioned by Final Destination producer Craig Perry with the intentions of pitching the idea to Warner Bros. and new line Cinema for Final Destination 6. But as I’ve said, nothing has been made official and we have heard nothing to confirm this, but I must say, the direction in which this trailer is heading, is freakin’ awesome!

The concept trailer uses a mix of over 20 different films and TV shows to place the proposed film in the 12th century. Yep, could Final Destination be heading back in time instead of yet another direct sequel? Who knows, but I will say this, my curiosity is right up there and I can only hope that this is an idea they would look into.

The last bit of Final Destination news we heard was that Final Destination 6 & 7 would be filming back to back. But since then we have heard nothing, but either way, I think this concept is cool.

So, what do you guys think? Fed up of where the Final Destination franchise is going and looking for it to go else where? Or are you simply done with the franchise? Hit up the comments below and lets hear you.

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