Home Sweet Home (2013) Review

Flay Otters

home-sweet-home-poster-bigSo this is kind of an odd situation. Two films have been released on DVD/VOD here over the last few weeks with the same title. Further, both films fit into the ‘home invasion’ sub-genre’. I guess just playing the odds it would eventually happen, even considering neither is a knock off of the other one, or some lame offshoot ‘Transmorphers’ type situation. Each film is its own thing and should be treated as such. Therefore, I’m not going to compare them to each other just for the convenience of their titles, because, that is just dumb. It’s like if you once knew someone named ‘Dion’ who was a walking, talking pile of excrement. That doesn’t mean every other person you might ever meet with the same name is the same low quality of human being. So in fairness to both films, they’ll be addressed individually.

The first of the two is directed by David Morlet, who also helmed 2009’s Mutants. That is one that some liked and some definitely did not. Much of what opinions I’ve read on that one focused on the odd placement of dramatic action and slow, building emotional turmoil that might not have been earned. I guess one could say it was his signature style because it shows up somewhat in Home Sweet Home. It is fairly simple in its scope, focusing its attention on a single house location and four people. Well, actually 5-6 if you count messages on the answering machine, but four physically. Anyway, the film has two fantastic ideas at the start and at the end that were unnerving and batshit, respectively. The middle swath of the film, however, abandons the sheer creep-factor of its startoff and never really finds a tempo. In some instances, this could be a good thing: to keep the viewer off-guard but I don’t think, ultimately, it was intentional.

The two primary characters are a husband and wife (and secondarily their small child) who’ve recently moved out of the city and into a large craftsman style home in, presumably, the rural suburbs. Before we meet them, however, we’re introduced to a man who we start to figure out ought not be there. We spend the first chunk of the film watching him wander around the house (their house), touching things, investigating drawers and just generally creeping me the hell out.

There are few things more unnerving to me than the idea of a stranger just making their way around my living space and inspecting my stuff etc etc. Coupling the actions of this man with the way in which the scenes are shot (you do not see his face, the camera looks around corners, under tables etc observing him) and I was pretty wrapped with nerves. He starts soon to ‘rig’ up the house: powerdrill screwing shut the windows, messing with the security system (among other things) and I dreaded whatall would happen next.

He hides as the couple gets home and we meet the two unsuspecting victims (as their child is visiting an overbearing grandmother). All the while we know the masked fellow is lurking in a shadow nearby, unsure when he’ll make his move. This should be the very measure of suspense as we know what is happening but they don’t. But instead of a slow ratcheting up of the tension to unbearable levels, we instead are left to deal with the married couple for a bit and, by and large, they are boring as hell. Save for slight tension about her mom’s overbearingness, these two are about as milktoast as two people can be. No real marital angst (a la The Strangers) or real family tension (a la the masterful You’re Next) or really anything to them. They are just, well, they just are. I only bring this up because beyond a faint feeling of not wanting bad things to happen to anyone, I really couldn’t care less about these people.

Once our killer/intruder reveals himself to them, they are incapacitated immediately. As in, no challenge at all. From this point forward, every escape attempt, every fleeting fighting-back moment is punctuated by the near-lethargic nature of the masked man. He is not in a hurry, he is not worried, he just kind of meanders around. Now, had there been a larger investment in the two victims (which sounds callous I know given they are parents and seem like decent people) then this slow, measured way in which he acted would have carried over the creepiness of the first part of the film. Instead, I found myself encouraging him to hurry the hell up already not for bloodlust on my part but for an interest in something to propel the story forward. A backstory, a reason for doing what he is doing, some guilt on the victim’s part, some more resolve out of them. Nothing.

By the time we arrive at the final act (which, by the way, was really excellent in and of itself) I just didn’t really care what happened one way or the other. I let my mind wander and started thinking of possibilities of who the masked fellow could be, whether it might be one of those all-in-someone’s-head type of deals, aliens, anything. This is a shame because the final 15-18 minutes or so are pretty solid and quite interesting. For those looking for that little glimmer of hope clashing with hopelessness will be quite pleased with how everything comes to a head. I won’t spoil it but, at least for me, the outcome’s greatness was severely undercut by the murky and scattershot way in which the entirety of the middle of the film was handled. So, while it is shot very well and certainly carries some good creative ideas I just failed to get invested in anyone’s plight.

2 / 5 stars     


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      1. wolf December 18, 2013 at 3:56 pm

        I’m not sure what you were watching. I thought this movie was amazing. From beginning to end it had my complete attention. The killer was lathargic because he was the only avail police officer. I do say that I had it figured out when no officer arrived that the killer was the cop. A little predictable but well done. The casualness of the killer was realy creepy. I would honestly put this on my top 20 all time list of best horror. I think maybe you should watch it again

      2. Nonie January 11, 2014 at 9:33 pm

        I’m really big on the horror genre but this movie did absolutely nothing for me. It was about was a psychopath who tormented husband and wife who°d nothing to him obviously … needless to say I do not get off on serial killers I think that’s like so ass… one crazy person taking out his mental malfunction on people who did nothing to deserve it…waste of time… I’m just saying

      3. seth masters August 8, 2014 at 12:09 pm

        myself, i loved it. i empathized with the characters. enjoyed the acting and suspense. ending not great but very tense film.

      4. g2-1f9d9a9efc2f523b2f09629444632b5c April 6, 2015 at 11:14 pm

        This movie was terrible, no plot, no reason for killing, husband died to quickly..