Scream 4 Viral Site for Woodsboro High School
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2014
Wes Cravens’ Scream 4 is really kicking into fifth gear. We’ve had the announcement its a rated R flick, we’ve had a bloody still or two and now a fan created viral website  has popped up called Woodsboro High School. I think it looks pretty cool and you should check it out. As you all

More Total Recall Photos
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2014
I never thought I would ever say this, maybe it’s a pre mid-life crisis I’m going through but from these behind-the-scenes stills from Len Wiseman’s Total Recall which you can check out over at AICN actually look amazing. Although I’m a little confused as it seems some Stormtroopers  have invaded the set. A snooper who managed to

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Photos
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2014
John Luessenhop’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has cast up some real heavy hitters and I have to say I am intrigued to see how this one turns out. Recently Dan Yeager who will play Leatherface posted some behind-the-scenes stills from the set of the film on his Facebook page, there isn’t really anything exciting going

Is This Legendary Pictures’ Take On Godzilla?
Written by Chris Savage, May 3, 2014
While we are not sure how the new Godzilla film from Legendary Pictures will play out, we do have a glimpse of what Godzilla may look like. At this time nothing has been confirmed and nothing is official, but, I have to say the picture you are about to see is pretty damn bad-ass. According to Infamouskidd.com,

Poster for Alice, Sweet Alice Remake
Written by Goon, May 3, 2014
Director Dante Tomaselli has been planning to remake his cousin’s film Alice, Sweet Alice for a couple years now. Since Torture Chamber is now done he is beginning to talk more about the project. Michael Gingold is giving him a hand with the script and his cousin, Alfred Sole, is going to produce and work

The Legend of Hell House Receives the Remake Treatment
Written by Chris Savage, May 2, 2014
I know, I know. Nothing is sacred anymore, but I’m willing to give anything the benefit of doubt. So, The Legend of Hell House is set for a remake, eh? Well according to STYD, a remake of The Legend of Hell House is being mulled over once again at 20th Century Fox. In fact this

Is Halloween 3D Finally on the Horizon?
Written by Chris Savage, April 30, 2014
Much like Ghostbusters, and many other titles, Halloween is yet another movie that gets thrown around a lot. Through the years we have heard various rumors and yet we still have no film or confirmation of a new Halloween film, but perhaps all is not lost. According to our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting, The Weinstein Company

Fan Reaction to Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Sequel!
Written by Herner Klenthur, April 23, 2014
Earlier in the day, Jason shared with you all the news that there will be no Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, but Platinum Dunes would really like to crank one out every couple of years. Brad Fuller is clearly a huge fan of the character, and in an interview with Crave, wrote: You know what? I

The Gremlins Remake Begins to Show Signs of Life
Written by Chris Savage, April 6, 2014
Bare with me here as we don’t really have an awful lot to go on at this time, but we can reveal, thanks to Ain’t it Cool News, that the remake of Joe Dante’s Gremlins is moving quickly at Warner Bros. No other information is available at present, but as soon as we hear more,

Two New Photos from NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby
Written by Chris Savage, March 24, 2014
Here we go again, another day another piece of Rosemary’s Baby news, and this time we have scored two new photos from the four-hour miniseries. However, much like the promo clip we recently shared with you, these photos aren’t exactly exciting, but none-the-less you can check them out below courtesy of TV Line. The series

First Promo Clip for NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby
Written by Chris Savage, March 23, 2014
Just yesterday we ushered in the first promo poster and a couple of photos from NBC’s upcoming Rosemary’s Baby mini-series, and today we have scored the first promo clip. Bit of advice, try not to blink or you will miss it! Check it out below. The series is set to star Zoe Saldana, Patrick J.

First Poster Artwork & Photos for NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby
Written by Chris Savage, March 22, 2014
With NBC’s upcoming remake of Rosemary’s Baby on the horizon, we have scored the first poster and a couple of photos courtesy of EW, and you guys can check them all out below. The adaptation is set to be a four-hour miniseries. The series is set to star Zoe Saldana, Patrick J. Adams, Jason Isaac,

Official Red Band Trailer for Daniel Stamm’s 13 Sins
Written by Chris Savage, March 6, 2014
For those of you who have been closely following Daniel Stamm’s English-language remake of 13: Game of Death, will be very pleased to learn that a red band trailer has made its way online and you can view it below. From what I’ve seen from the 13 Sins trailer, it looks okay. But I can’t

The Birds Remake Takes Flight with Platinum Dunes – Director Announced
Written by Chris Savage, February 28, 2014
A remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds, has been long talked about. We have heard all sorts of rumblings, but nothing has really been set in stone. But then, that brings us to today. It’s official. A remake of The Birds is on the way and Platinum Dunes have announced who will bring the

The Raid to Receive the Remake Treatment
Written by Chris Savage, February 21, 2014
Why? Just why? Again I question a remake, do will really need it? Of course not, but it is what it is and it appears as if Gareth Huw Evans’ The Raid, is the latest film to receive the Hollywood remake treatment. According to The Wrap, Patrick Hughes (Expendables 3) will be directing the remake for Screen

Who Will Play Barbarella in the Remake?
Written by Herner Klenthur, February 6, 2014
Back in 2012 it was announced that Gaumont International Television and producer Martha De Laurentiis were teaming up with  Nicolas Refn (Drive) to deliver a Barbarella TV series and since then its been an on again off again affair. Amazon has recently ordered a pilot which may or may not be turned into a series with Nicolas Refn at

One More TV Spot for RoboCop
Written by Chris Savage, February 4, 2014
We are nearly a week away from the U.S. release of the RoboCop remake, and with many remakes there are people that won’t give it the time of day and there are others that are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. But where do you sit? If you’re still undecided, we have

Official Trailer for Patrick: Evil Awakens
Written by Chris Savage, February 4, 2014
A few days back we gave you guys the official U.S. release details for the remake of Patrick, which is now confusingly titled Patrick: Evil Awakens. And with the film set for a theatrical release this March, we have scored the new official trailer. The film stars Richard E. Grant (Dracula, Corpse Bride), Rachel Griffiths (Blow),

Carole Bouqeut Cast in Rosemary’s Baby Remake
Written by Herner Klenthur, February 1, 2014
French actress Carole Bouquet who has 56 movies to her credit has just been cast to star in the upcoming Rosemary’s Baby miniseries alongside the stunning Zoe Saldana who will play the lead according to Deadline. The new miniseries is being directed by Agnieszka Holland from a script by Scott Abbott.  Production is expected to start shortly in

Two New RoboCop TV Spots
Written by Chris Savage, January 31, 2014
Just in case you guys haven’t seen enough RoboCop footage already, they powers that be have unleashed two new TV spots from the upcoming RoboCop remake. Make your way below for a domestic and International spot. Synopsis: In “RoboCop,” the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones