Bruce Campbell Confirms Evil Dead Remake Script Complete!

Bruce Campbell, AshBruce Campbell is the f*cking man. I have interviewed him many times over the years and the second time that I did I called his hotel room and he pretended to be the maid. Even when I told him I realized it was him he still refused to admit it was him. Made for a horrible interview me and him giggling on the phone like idiots but it was definitely the highlight of my month.

We have known for a very long time that an Evil Dead remake is in the works and Ted and Sam Raimi have talked about it at length. Last we heard Sam and Ted Raimi were going to sit down and do the script up and they were looking at Sean William Scott to take on the role of Ash. Today we dont get confirmation of that casting but we do get confirmation from Bruce Campbell the script is done! On the script;

The script is awesome. I will be one of the producers and possibly play the milk man.

Now for the bad news on when we will see the remake;

In all honesty, we would all love to make another ‘Evil Dead’ movie. When that will happen? Who can say — we’re all working on other jobs right now. We’re not trying to dodge anybody’s questions, there just isn’t that much to talk about. The remake’s gonna kick ass—you have my word.

This info all comes courtesy of where Bruce was posting answers for commentors while promoting his TV show Burn Notice.  Most of you know I like to bag on remakes but in the case of an Evil Dead remake I say BRING IT!

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