The Conjuring Hoax Is a True Horror Story For Some

Herner Klenthur

The alleged new owners of the Farm are clearly calling hoax on the truth behind The Conjuring and worse yet they are living a real life horror story as fans destroy their privacy and dream home.

To give you some background when The Conjuring was released in theaters a bunch of morons took it upon themselves to go and visit the farm and harass the new homeowners.

The late night trespassing and other idiot stunts resulted in terrifying the homeowners and the police having to be called to maintain order at the home. A person alleging to be Norma Sutcliffe wrote on our site;

I am current owner received no money not our story and have threats harassing phone calls police are taking plate numbers and will arrest.

The statement was not only left as a comment on our site but also echoed in local newspapers. Clearly the majority of us are level headed and intelligent horror fans who know the difference between reality and fiction and dont go destroying peoples lives and homes to seek out the truth.

The plot thickened when somebody alleging to be Andrea Perron sent us a note on the site via her Facebook account. She wrote;

Dear Herner ~

On behalf of my entire family, thank you for the fine and balanced reporting in this article. For the purpose of clarification, “The Conjuring” IS based on a “true story”…our story. However, the film is not based on my trilogy “House of Darkness House of Light”. It is, instead, based upon the case files of Ed & Lorraine Warren. They conducted an investigation of our home between 1973-74 and the movie tells our story from their perspective.

I welcome the inclusion of the video which involves my mother, as it introduces your readers to her in a way which will enhance their appreciation of the film. There is no conceivable way to condense what we as a family endured in the farmhouse into a two-hour motion picture but James (Wan) captured the essence of it and for this I will remain eternally grateful. I’ll tell you what’s scary — turning your life story over to strangers with the stroke of a pen on a contract.

Mortified by the notion, I took the ultimate leap of faith. Though Mrs. Warren and I both provided the studio with more information than they could handle, the screenwriters had much to pick & choose from, amalgamating it into a cohesive rendering which I am proud of, having been privileged to see it as a private screening last March. The film is amazing and nothing anyone expects.

It is a fair reflection of the chaos and danger we faced at the farm. The entire true story is chronicled in the books but the movie stands alone as a work of art — not fiction. There are liberties taken and a few discrepancies but overall, it is what it claims to be — based on a true story, believe it or not. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments and once again, thank you for your fair and consistent treatment in this piece. Yours in spirit ~ Andrea

The video that we had dug up and included would soon get us more letters this time from one of the alleged participants of the video who was not at all happy about her new found fame on Youtube.

The video was mysteriously made PRIVATE and we received a note from somebody alleging again to be Norma Sutcliffe.

Norma Sutcliffe wrote [ it is a bit hard to understand so I have edited for clarity in some places ];

I am the current owner of farm. Facts not one scene in movie is real even Andrea Perron says so no policeman ever no chucky doll no birds no chair flying on ceiling no child under boards no maid ghost no little boy dressed like pilgrim. Etc. name a scene.

The video is now private done 11 1/2 years ago I did not know she put it on youtube it exposed my name which she was not supposed to do so it was taken down unfortunately to late to protect us from trespassers and thrill seekers for now over 3 months I am also following videos hearing lies about our home now.

Ghost Hunters called us we never talked about house for 18 years so 8 years ago they called and asked to.

I did not believe what they found because they repeated in show what I told them which was 15 years earlier funny it would happen again in one night they were here and The first 3 years everyone who came to visit would claim some experience noises. Finally settled down when we said to everyone we never believed that it was ghosts sounds do not prove anything. We have love this property since the first day we saw it been extremely happy here. As we learned the stories I did my own research never found Bathshbe was a witch or satanists. Lorraine claimed her to be demon and said her name came into her head. Bathsheba died of a stroke born 1814 dies in 1885 did not hang herself only claim I found was brother sued for a property claim. No murders ever happened hear Claim Prudence Arnold she was murdered in Uxbridge Mass used her because her name was Arnold no relation.

House Is a magnificent historic 280 property. No other family before Perrons or after before us ever experienced anything. Lies are being told about them. I have met. Each family. Kenyon’s who sold Perrons farm were very angry about stories they felt it degraded their family’s history of having owned this farm since 1730 s. Warren said she would never come here and the house has evil which anger us. Considering. She visited 20 years ago and said she felt nothing because we were a loving family I had child care here for 22 years. Said other family was very dysfunctional I do not believe Warrens credible. One should research. Lutz and Weber confessed to hoax new family sued them and won for creating hoax that caused thrill seekers to continue to horrass. Smurl Haunted brain damage hallucinate. Haunting Conn. worst of all. Devil in Conn. Brother sue Lorraine for destroying their childhood claiming demon possessed them community tormented family. Much more. I hope this has helped readers.

Norma Sutcliffe

We did not respond to this person since frankly I was not and still am not sure if it was really Norma or not. We do know that what she wrote to us is something that Norma has said before on many news sites and in various interviews. We also checked the IP and email address and it would APPEAR that the person writing us was Norma.

We literally got hundreds of comments after she left us the note above most of which were asking how real the ‘True Story’ is and how many of the movies events actually happened. She left another note two nights ago writing;

No one read  my article [ she means comment ] here post Sept 9 I am the owner of farm read please get facts straight the movie is total fiction nothing is fact our house is not haunted I told stories in the first 3 years jokingly can see it if one sees video 23 years ago no one except Perrons had ghost stories just like all the Warrens films only the families in film ever claim and all debunked research worse story in Devil in Conn. sues Warren for distroying his life 11 yr old demon possessed Warrens tells Perrons they have demons to a family with 5 young children you determine what that is called.

We will be going public with all facts no murders or hangings or suicides ever on our property. No one only Perrons claim haunting and the use of Bathsheba Sherman name is a misuse of history of a real person No records ever found and she was a practicing Baptist no historical record anywhere saying she was claimed a witch or satanists which that term not used in 1800 America. Please research facts.

Do you believe The True Story behind The Conjuring? Hit back in the comments.


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      1. Clinton Bichard November 10, 2013 at 10:46 pm

        The only thing I know for a fact, is that “Norma Sutcliffe” really needs to take a remedial English class and learn about sentence and paragraph structure. Spelling would be nice also. What a rambling, incoherent mess.

        • Jeff Hicks Anderson November 10, 2013 at 11:04 pm

          I had to “read” that mess 5 times to make any sense. HAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Nikki Nicole November 10, 2013 at 11:16 pm

          i tried REALLY hard to read that also. I gave up. :-

        • Norma Sutcliffe November 23, 2013 at 9:21 pm

          I am so sorry for the format of my writing . I have never written on any web site or Facebook etc. until the movie was released. Due to our frustration I began writing in hast without thinking about text. My only hope is that some will be able to see the facts i presented . I hope to find a professional who can creat a site to explain our research . We are able to prove the story of Bathsheba is not true or any of the suggestions that there was a murder or suicide on our property. I hope the evidence will raise even more questions . Norma Sutcliffe.

        • Marna July 15, 2014 at 4:26 am

          Norma I watched a 45 min video where you & Andrea sat down & spoke all about the supernatural occurrences that yourself & your husband, your daughter, house sitters, & daycare workers had experienced & also the experiences of the Perron family in the house.
          So it would seem to me that you now claiming it all to be untrue simply because a. You received no money from the making of the movie (nor should you), & b. because you we’re experiencing trespassers following the movie.
          I personally don’t believe anything you now say as you seemed so genuinely honest in your talk with Andrea well before the movie made your house famous, or were you lying back then also?
          Either way it seems you are only trying draw attention to yourself in the hope that you find a way of cashing in on all the hype surrounding the movie!

      2. ThatJeffGuy November 10, 2013 at 11:00 pm

        Who cares? It was a great story and a great movie.
        “Based on a True Story” can mean practically anything. “Assembled from a hundred true stories” might be different in principle, but it still means the same thing. Obsessive fans harassing the people who live in the house is completely ridiculous.

      3. Jeff Deitrich November 10, 2013 at 11:53 pm

        The Conjuring was the biggest piece of crap I’ve seen in quite awhile… I cannot believe all of the positive reviews I’ve seen for it. Scary? More like hilariously bad. The Warrens are a couple of fakes… pure and simple. None this crap is real. This whole ghost hunter haunted house shit has gotten way too trendy and out of hand.

      4. Jeff Deitrich November 10, 2013 at 11:56 pm

        Oh yeah … All of the morons who’ve been showing up on those folks’ property can be glad I’m not the owner cause they’d be leaving full of bullet holes. People are so pathetic.

      5. Derrick Dpacino Pearson November 11, 2013 at 12:19 am

        Lolololol chunky doll lololololol

      6. Robert James Taubr II November 11, 2013 at 1:23 am

        I once had to live with my ex-in laws for 2 years; nothing scares me. A possessed doll would have livened things up a bit.

      7. Johnny Julià November 11, 2013 at 8:37 am

        Coñe !!! … mal rollete la puta muñeca !!! , ja,ja,ja !!! .

      8. Sheehan November 24, 2013 at 6:50 am

        I’m confused. I just saw a video of Norma Sutcliffe and Andrea Perron in which Norma claims her 15 year old daughter and cousin who was house sitting one time heard footsteps in a specific part of the house…so did that really happen or was she just saying things for saying them? On a side note I read where Andrea Perron’s family moved from Cumberland, RI bc it was starting to get “rough”….first of all I lived in the town most of my life and nothing could be further from the truth, it’s like Mayberry with yuppies n preppies. Third if they wanted to move to the “country” there wasn’t much in the northern part of Cumberland in the early 70’s except farmland…really rough place to live….so Andrea or Norma, who lied and who is full of bologna, bc right now it seems like everyone has lied to some extent, and if that’s the case, why did y’all lie?

      9. $eXy J.!!!$$ January 12, 2014 at 6:28 am

        Ijs!!! To everyone who feels some type of way about how diz lady feels about her fuckn business yall need to fall the.. F**k back…. If itz true or If she cant spell wtf does it matter to yall dumb azzez… always have something bad to say to all y’all haters leave dat fuckn woman alone…..!!! But to the Director you did yo fuckn Thang!! I can’t even rate you as 1/10 Mr…. Director you Win Best HORROR of the YeAr…Yah straight New Orleans Bounds I said dat It’s. Best I seen in a long. Time …..NA who gon pop Me…

      10. David November 26, 2014 at 10:30 am

        All the Hollywood movies are fake. I thought this was common knowledge. Ed, and Lorraine were fakes. Money hungry willing to toe the line between reality, and fiction.

        I hope it was truly worth it looking back for Lorraine. With no evidence to prove any account is true. Being sued for all the falsehoods. Selling your life to Hollywood because green is the only color that matters.

        I’d rather not cherry pick what parts of my life are worth remembering.

      11. Lamashtar September 8, 2015 at 7:11 pm

        One of the neighbors has commented on Amazon that, indeed, its unlikely to be true. The only time people there talked of ghosts was when cameras were on. Ms. Perron was notoriously “dramatic”.

      12. Keith Johnson July 12, 2016 at 1:51 am

        I was there.

      13. Ann January 10, 2018 at 1:05 pm

        I find it interesting that Norma didn’t come back to answer questions about why she lied before about the house being haunted. She was also on Ghost Hunters and said she lived in a “bonafide hainted house”. Why is she now trying to discredit everyone? I think because she is angry because she expected to receive a lot of money from the movie.