So Cal Zombies Are Trying to Go to Prom

Prom is a magical night full of possibilities.  Even if you are a rotting corpse.  The San Diego Zombie Walk, a Southern California tradition that takes place during San Diego Comic Con, is attempting to put together an unforgettable night for its zombie participants by sending them to prom.

For the last eight years Jennifer Muzquiz and her team of undead cohorts have been organizing an annual Zombie Walk that coincides with one of the biggest geek conventions in the U.S.  Participants and onlookers alike come from all around to see people dress up as the undead and parade down the street, doing their best to shamble and moan like a freshly reanimated corpse.  The walk usually ends with an after party where zombie and humans get together to enjoy a few drinks and cut loose.

In years past, FEARnet was involved with helping to sponsor the after party.  Sadly, earlier this year we lost FEARnet when Comcast bought them out and gave them an expiration date.  And while the acquisition of FEARnet has had serious repercussions for those that were employed with the company, it also created a ripple effect for those that were partners with the site.

However, Muzquiz and her team haven’t slowed down and despite losing a partner, they’re going ahead with their most ambitious plan yet: a zombie prom.  That’s right, a full on prom night event complete with a band, dancing, and people with terrible skin.  But in order to pull it off, they need to tap into their most valuable resource: their fans.  The team is looking to crowdsource their prom by taking it to IndieGoGo.

The first challenge is to get a venue to hold the prom, so before they can even announce where and when the prom will take place or even what band will be playing, the team has to ensure that they have a venue deposit to rent the space.  So right now they’re trying to raise $3,000 for that endeavor.  After that, they can start putting together resources to ensure that the prom is appropriately themed.  This years theme is “Night on Zombie Island” and it’s taking inspiration from the classic zombie film “White Zombie” starring Bela Lugosi.

Time is running out for the crew, though, and their first IndieGoGo fundraiser is set to end in three days.  It’s an ambitious challenge and I’m excited to see if they can pull it off.  However, whether or not these zombies are allowed to go to prom, there’s one thing that remain certain: the streets of San Diego will be filled with the undead when Comic Con comes to town.

To learn more about the Zombie Prom and their fundraiser, be sure to visit their official IndieGoGo page.  

Zombie Walk Prom

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