10 Horror Music Videos to Get You in the Mood for Halloween

Confession time.  When I get drunk (which is a not so rare occurrence) my favorite thing to do is find music videos that get me in that Halloween spirit.  And then, in an act of ultimate drunken debauchery, I like to subject my friends to those music videos.  You see, I don’t care if they’re good or bad, I just like to share them with others.  And since I’ve been on this site for so long, I feel like it’s time I shared that torture with you.  Below I present to you Jason’s favorite horror movie music videos that I like to share when drunk!

Generally speaking, there’s no rhyme or reason to this horror list. It’s not arranged from best to worst or vice versa.  But what I will tell you is that this list is comprised of official music videos and fan made ones.  To give credit to my favorite horror movie music videos I’ll list the “official” ones first and then proceed to post the fan made ones.

10. Dokken- Dream Warrior

When I think of classic ’80s horror goodness I think of Dokken’s “Dream Warrior.”  The song is catchy as hell and features a good amount of Freddy and Patricia Arquette.  It’s a classic music video that captures the intimacy of Freddy invading your dreams while being a totally badass rock ballad.

9. The Ramones- Pet Sematary

I’m a recent fan of The Ramones and when I discovered that they had done a song for Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” I was blown away.  First of all, one of my favorite superheros is Spider-Man and so of course I naturally love the Ramones take on the theme song.  Secondly, “Pet Sematary” is one of my all-time favorite horror movies.  So discovering, once again, that the Ramones were connected to a piece entertainment material I loved was awesome.  And on top of all that the music video is just pretty damn good on it’s own.

8. Akira Yamoka – You’re Not Here

While the second “Silent Hill” movie was easily the worst of the bunch, this fan created music video turns the final product into an excellent music video that manages to capture the spirit of the game utilizing the classic song “Wish You Were Here” from the soundtrack of the third game.  It’s well worth a watch even if you have a passing interest in “Silent Hill.”

7. Cherry Glazerr- Tiptoe Through the Tulips

This is a rather innovative one. Everyone remembers the insanely creep rendition of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” from the first “Insidious” movie.  Well this song was later performed by Cherry Glazerr and directed by Michael Gallagher for a special music video released around the time of “Insidious: Chapter 3.”  It’s a clever take on the original concept mixed with a bit of teen romance that I absolutely love.

6. The Frighteners – Don’t Fear the Reaper by The Mutton Birds

The Frighteners is an all time classic for me and this movie featured a fantastic cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by the Mutton Birds.  In this music video the two entities get properly blended in a way that perfectly depicts the movie.

5. The Hit House – Ordinary World

While not a music video about horror movies, this one captured the spirit of one of my favorite horror video games from last year.  The Hit House rendition of “Ordinary World” is as chilling as it is captivating and serves as an excellent companion to the diabolical nature of “The Evil Within 2.”

4. Meet the Villain – Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob

This is an interesting compilation as it combines movie villains from across horror movies, actions movies, comedies, animation, and thrillers into one stylish music video.  There’s actually an extended version, but this clip represents the best part of the music video.

3. Doomsday for Everyone – Book of Harmony by Nero

I know dubstep and this kind of electronic music is a bit passe for some people, but trust me when I say when this video is probably one of the best combinations of horror and electronic beats.  It perfectly captures the chaotic nature of horror movies while also building to some tense moments. It’s a good mix of gore and suspense.

2. Thriller – Michael Jackson

Of course no good horror movie music video collection would be complete without a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And while the original is a classic on it’s own, the many fan iterations are worth checking out.  Above you’ll see one of my all time favorite uses of “Thriller” which combines classic, animated, and modern horror movies into one excellent mashup.

1. Cry Little Sister – Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp

Combining over 200 horror movies into one music video, this has to be one of the most impressive mashups I’ve seen to date.  Not only does it feature some great horror selections it perfectly matches it to the music to create one extensive and impressive horror music video.  One of my all time favorites. Check it out.

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