5 Best Killer Plant Movies

The Wolfman is back ! Here is another little collection of films I’ve cultivated together. This is my list of the 5 Best Killer Plant Movies in order from #5 through to the best

5.The Ruins (2008) This is a candidate in my opinion to be one of the best killer plant films ever. three young Americans on vacation in Mexico end up trapped and menaced by  a horrible  man eating creeper plant, that the locals know about and offer sacrifices to, and won’t let any strangers come out of the area alive. Who can forget the leg amputation scene in this film, one of the best of this ” killer Plant ” genre.

4.Maneater of Hydra ( 1967) a.k.a “Island Of The Doomed “. A vampiric tree kills people on a baron’s island. i’ll let you into a secret about this one, i’ve never seen it! i’ve read about it in guides though and i’d like to see it. it stars Cameron Mitchell and was strangely enough directed by Mel Welles, he of the Little Shop Of Horrors fame from the 1960 version playing the florist shop owner.

3. Day Of The Triffids (1962, 1981 & 2009) the fearsome walking plants with the killer sting from John Wyndham’s famous novel. were bought to the screen rather cheaply in 1962 but quite effectively and with a surprising leading man in Howard Keel, but he is ok in the role and doesn’t break into song. it has also been filmed as a t.v series in 1981 and 2009. it’s the 1981 T.V version i prefer of the three actually although to be fair i have not seen the 2009 version. i understand there is another version to be released in 2013.

2. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes ( 1978) Before any one points out they are a fruit, they are grown from a plant smile
this is an ultra cheap but  fairly amusing cult comedy about killer tomatoes on the rampage , killing and causing chaos in a  small town. Silly but it makes me laugh! ” Oh my god, it’s Adolph Hitler” !  there were three sequels and a cartoon t.v series.

1. Little Shop of Horrors  ( 1960 & 1986) Roger Corman’s cult cheapie and the 1986 musical featuring of course  Audrey 2, the always hungry for blood  plant  that gets meek shop assistant Seymour ( Johnathan Haze in the original, Rick Moranis in the later version) to feed him blood and even resort to murder to satisfy the plant’s blood lust. i, of course like Corman’s film but i actually prefer the 1986 film, Audrey 2 is more likeable and of course the voice of Levi Stubbs helps, and the cameo of Steve Martin.

The above editorial was reader submitted. Tks to Wolfman for taking the time to hare his 5 favorite killer plant films. If you would like to submit your own editorial simply drop us a line!

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