8 Awesome Christmas Themed Short Horror Films You Must See!

I’m pretty sure you guys have seen every single Christmas-themed horror movie known to man, and lets be honest, you can only watch the same few over and over. So here I bring to you 8 Christmas horror shorts, that you may have seen before, if not, then please enjoy and have a safe Holiday.

A Very Zombie Holiday

This one is basically a faux instructional video in the event of a zombie apocalypse during the Christmas period and how you can survive while still baking a pretty kickass pie. This one comes from Team Unicorn with Adam Green’s wife, Rileah Vanderbilt spearheading the short. I enjoyed it, and heck, I wish I was stuck with these ladies during the apocalypse.

Rare Exports Inc.

I couldn’t make a Christmas list without including Jalmari Helander Rare Exports. The same short from which the feature film was created from. However, if you haven’t seen the full film yet you may want to give this a miss as it spoils some of the film. Also, old-man jiggly bits aren’t something you want to see if you are of nervous disposition. If not go right ahead and enjoy this Christmas gem!

Black Santa’s Revenge

Before there was Hobo With a Shotgun, there was David Walker’s blaxploitation mini-epic Black Santa’s Revenge which stars genre legend Ken Foree. A little bit of grindhouse  for your Holidays, please enjoy and hopefully one day we may see a feature film.


This one is aptly named Santa and features the classic Santa coming down the chimney although hes not after the cookies this time. This short film is directed by Manos Atzarakis.

My Name Is Kris Kringle

Here I bring to you Drew Daywalt’s My Name Is Kringle, a stellar little short which shows just what Santa does to those who have made it into his Naughty book. Prey you didn’t make the list!


Another short which is no stranger around these parts is Jason Eisener’s Treevenge. Before Hobo With a Shotguncame about, Eisner unleashed the full fury of Christmas pine trees, they have had enough of becoming a decoration and now its time for revenge, Treevenge that is.

Cold Night

When you think of Christmas and especially Christmas horror, you think of Santa Claus and his wrath of evil. However, you’d be missing one vital evil during this time, the goblin! While your eyes are averted and waiting for jolly Saint Nick, the goblin has the perfect chance to sneak up on you and take you out, check out Michael Nicle’s short and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Winter Stalker

Last, but by no means least is the truly awesome and well produced short The Winter Stalker Stephen Reedy. I don’t want to spoil this one, so I won’t say anything as anything I say will truly spoil it. 8 Awesome Christmas Themed Short Horror Films You Must See! Check it out and thanks for watching and have a safe and merry Christmas everyone!

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