A Day of Violence (DVD Review)

This was a complete orgy of brutality exploiting the aspects of sex and violence and thoroughly taking me under its bloody wing. A Day of Violence is chock full of aggression and depravity which takes me back to the exploitative grindhouse era of the 70′s.

Darren Ward has done an excellent job combining crime capers of times gone by with ultra violence to please even the most veteran gore hounds.

The film follows a  small time gangster named Mitchell, who instead of going after the £2k debt collection from the local drug pusher Hooper. He decides to get  greedy and takes the full £100k, that’s before he leaves his mark on Hooper letting him die out in a fountain of his own blood.

The one problem with the film is it is narrated by the dead Mitchell so we know how the story ends, but the great part is watching the film unfold and experience the ultimate brutality which soon follows.

Mitchell who is a small time gangster steals from the wrong guy and these people aren’t the one’s he is used to be dealing with. Ruthless crime lord Boswell doesn’t mess around and soon gets his goons to display their take on DIY in an ultra violent fashion.

The one problem for Mitchell is before Hopper met his demise he caught Mitchell doing the cardinal sin, by recording his actions on his mobile phone. Needless to say the film unfolds in true gangster fashion displaying Britain’s seedy underworld and doesn’t let up.

The film is a crazy and violent ride but it doesn’t just rely on violence to keep it going as the story unfolds and reveals twists and turns throughout.

Sometimes the dialogue may make you cringe at times but it’s saved by the wonderful FX that is on display. As for a low-budget film the FX is insanely good with its unrelenting bloodletting.

In parts it doesn’t take it’s self to seriously and are given true English wit which takes us away from the ultra violence on display. While it may not be for everyone it is a welcome return to days gone by of exploitation flicks. While some today try to recapture that. A Day of Violence has bought it to a new generation and introduces a new audience into that world.

Some scenes may make you turn away in horror especially in the genital and dental region which may make you vigorously check to see if your man-hood is still intact. This is a great little ride and is no way perfect but it is what it is

The UK DVD comes with a making of featurette and theatrical trailers

I say give this one ago you may be pleasantly surprised.


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