A Remake of ‘See No Evil’ Is In the Works

Alright, before everyone goes crazy, let me just say up front that this isn’t a remake of the 2006 film starring Kane as Jacob Goodnight.  This is an entirely different “See No Evil”, but depending on how you feel about remakes, that might make little difference.

Deadline has learned that Screen Gems is moving forward on a project that would remake the 1971 horror film “See No Evil.”  That “See No Evil” starred Mia Farrow as a blind woman visiting her Uncle in the English countryside.  However, when she gets there she quickly realizes that the family is dead and the killer is still in the house.

The script will be written by Mike Scannell whose only other writing credit is”He’s Out there” which is another horror film still in development. So far no one else has been attached to the project, but I imagine we’ll be hearing more about this one once the script starts to solidify.

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