Adam Wingard to Direct Death Note

An American adaptation of “Death Note” has been kicking around for a long while now.  Most recently director Shane Black was tasked with bringing the popular horror manga to life, but he has since left the project.  Now a rising star in horror might his chance at it.

According to THR Adam Wingard, the director behind “The Guest” and “You’re Next”, has jumped on to direct the project after he finishes filming his next horror film “The Woods.”

In “Death Note” a young man finds a mysterious notebook that gives him the power to kill a person by simply writing their name in the book.  Soon he embarks on a quest to kill those that he deems to be “evil” figures in the world, all the while being pursued by a reclusive detective.

Wingard will be teaming up with his longtime partner Simon Barrett to write the script for the film. Up until this point mainstream success has alluded the two, despite receiving heaps of critical praise for their previous works.  Hopefully a big name project like this will finally bring them to the public eye.

Death Note

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