Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Reveals Hicks’ Fate

Man, “Aliens: Colonial Marines”, what a crazy ride that was, right?  It was a long-awaited and highly-anticipated game that failed to live up to just about everyone’s expectations.  Still, the game managed to sell well enough with 1.31 million units moved.  It wasn’t a titan, but it definitely sold better than the reviews would’ve suggested.

Then in May, the games publisher and developer were the subjects of a false advertising lawsuit in California in which there were hefty allegations lobbied at Gearbox over the way they handled development of the game.  The whole thing has just been an Alien Queen-sized mess since the games release.

Now Gearbox and SEGA get to put the whole thing behind them with the release of this final bit of DLC entitled “Stasis Interrupted.” I’m sure they couldn’t be happier.

In this final bit of DLC, players will finally learn the fate of Corporal Hicks.  SPOILER ALERT: Don’t keep reading if you plan on playing “Alien: Colonial Marines.”

During the course of the game you learn that Hicks is alive, despite the events of Alien 3 which suggest otherwise.  This bit of DLC will reveal how Hicks is still living.  Players will take control of three different characters whose stories cross paths and interlock with one another.  They will have to  fight through an alien-controlled ship in order to learn what Michael Weyland is after and to discover the fate of Corporal Hicks.

The DLC will set you back $10 unless you already own the season pass.  In which case the DLC will be free.  A small consolation I’m sure.

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