American Horror Story Season 4 Joins the Carnival!

American Horror Story Season 4 Joins the Carnival!Many of you guys suggested it and it appears as if it is actually happening. Oh yes! American Horror Story will be making its way to the Carnival in season 4 and I for one am absolutely stoked!

During a podcast over at the Nerdist Writers Panel, American Horror Story series writer Douglas Petrie somewhat confirmed the Carnival setting.

Petire stated the following;

We just started season 4.

From then he was asked if it will be a carnival theme.

Yes, it does not have a title. That’s the idea, very roughly that’s the idea.

Granted its not much, but we’ll take whatever we can get. What we also know is that Jessica Lange will once again be returning and that it will be set in the 1950′s.

So, what do you guys think about the carnival setting?

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