American Mary Movie Poster, Appearances Are Everything

From the gang that brought us Dead Hooker in a Trunk comes a brand new film American Mary and below you can checkout the poster. AMERICAN MARY is the second feature film from Twisted Twins Productions, creators of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.

In a society where the economy is constant downfall, we find people struggling even more to make ends meat. With people that have above average drive and ambition, we see people having to act out more ruthlessly to fight for the life style they so desperately seek while at the same time trying to keep up personal appearances that everything is fine below the surface. This struggle for success while creating a personality on the surface is the heart and soul of the story that is American Mary. Check them out:  American Mary Facebook page

The poster is right below but the more interesting image is at the bottom of this article which plays nicely into the ‘Appearances are Everything’ tagline.

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