An Extended Cut of Fede Alvarez’s ‘Evil Dead’ Could Be Coming Soon

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since director Fede Alvarez released his “Evil Dead” film into theaters.  And while initially there was lots of talk about a sequel and eventual crossovers with the real Ash, the film side of things sort of quietly faded into the background in favor of the television series.  However, that 2013 film could be making a comeback this year with an extended cut.

It might surprise you to learn that for the last few years there has been an extended cut out of Alvarez’s “Evil Dead” airing on British television.  As you might recall that the original cut of “Evil Dead” was going to be NC-17, so Fede had to cut a bit back to get that “R.”  The MPAA tends to be a fickle beast, so this usually means that directors will have to cut literal seconds off of certain shots in order to appease them.  According to Movie-Censorship they wound up cutting 289.48 seconds out of the film.  When the film was sent to air on British television they accidentally sent this extended cut of it.

According to Movie-Censorship the extended cut features some pretty good bits that, while not integral to the film, would appeal to completist fans.  Here’s what the Brits have been seeing this entire time:

Besides additional plot scenes, there is more violence, as well. Among other things, the MPAA cuts have been reversed and the infamous chainsaw scene from the trailer is back in the movie, too. Furthermore, the end credits present an alternate ending.

So why are we talking about the British version of a film that has been airing for over a year?  Well it looks like that version of the film is finally going to get an official release and it could be coming soon.  While speaking with Altapeli about his newest film “Don’t Breath”, director Fede Alvarez touched upon the extended cut and revealed that he has had recent talks about releasing the extended cut on blu-ray in time for Halloween this year.

Given that we’re not that far off from Halloween we should be hearing some sort of official announcement in the near future if this pans out to be true.  Given the success of “Don’t Breath” I could imagine the studio being eager to cash in Fede’s name right now.

For a full breakdown of all the scenes added back into the film check out Movie-Censorship which has a great shot by shot comparison.



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