Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer: Bruce, Lucy and Sam Talk Release Date!

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We got a chance to catch up with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Sam Raimi to hear their take on why they think this installation of our favorite chainsaw-handed hero taking on the “Deadites” will be the best story yet. And it’s not a stretch to say that this is by far the most incredible and fun panel of the San Diego ComiCon weekend as Ash vs. Evil Dead had the most enthusiastic and loyal fan-base that could even rival ass-kicking queens. Sorry Khaleesi, but a classy and old-school hero is back in-town and would probably love to take you out to dinner. Enter “Ash” from Evil Dead!

As the audience was shouting when the all-star cast graced the stage at San Diego ComiCon just this past Friday, all the whispers were of whether or not “Ash” would come back with his infamous “boom-stick” and “chainsaw hand”. Well those questions were quickly answered when the Friday evening panel at the Con started out with a trailer of the much-anticipated show. I won’t blame you if you skip to the bottom to see the trailer. But if you want some exclusives on what was said between Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Sam Raimi; read all the juicy details here!

Moderated by “Comedy Bang-Bang’s” Scott Aukerman, it was revealed that the character of “Ash”  has spent the last 30 years living like an “Ash Asshole Rascal”, dubbed by Sam Raimi and Bruce Cambell in their back-and-forth banter July 10th. And, in typical “Ash” fashion, Bruce says that his character releases all hell to bring us to the start of the new television series. Lucy Lawless stated, as far as having the show air on the right network, “It’s a good thing that the show is on Starz is because there are no boundaries.” She mentions this as she experienced a similar environment while shooting on the set of “Sparticus”. Lucy says Bruce would “advocate for an orgy any chance he got”. Bruce Campbell’s reply, “I was trying to make that happen off the set.” All of Bruce’s dead-pan humor left the audience in stitches as he’s the kind of guy that tells it like it is. And, without skipping a beat, when there was a service dog barking in the audience, Bruce exclaims, “Now this panel has gone to the dogs!” The audience instantly laughs at his humor.

And now onto the exciting part that is the trailer… Let’s just say one of the greatest parts involves “Ash” wearing a corset. “We’re not playing him as the same bad-ass guy,” Bruce continues on in his interview. “As you saw in the trailer, he has dentures. He also may have adult diapers…but DEPENDS.” Bruce adds this slap-stick comment as he looks over to his long-time friend and business partner Sam Raimi. Sam, in turn, then takes a stab at Bruce and says, “through the years it was really great to see him develop some skills as an actor.” Of course, he is speaking to the many roles Bruce Campbell took on through his lifetime as not being so “varied” in Sam’s opinion. The joke was not lost on Bruce, though as he replies numerous times during the interview that “We’re only making this show because you guys (the audience) wanted this!” And wanting an Evil Dead reprise, we did. So much fun was had during the panel that there was even an impromptu “Ash” costume contest with a female contestant displaying the word “Groovy” on her booty. This female contestant  won as it was very much due to Bruce convincing the audience that she was the right pick. He always seems to make the right choices…”Hail to the King, Baby.”


In typical Bruce fashion, the actor goes on to poll the audience by asking everyone how many seasons we think “Ash vs. The Evil Dead” will last. The average range was between five-to-seven seasons.  After the votes, Bruce goes on to say “We’ll last as long as you guys want to keep on watching us.” Sam and Lucy nod in agreement when he says this as they acknowledge that the show wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a huge, fan-based demand.  And, catering to the fans, there are a couple of things, that Bruce claims, need to happen in order for the show to work. “You have to have the broomstick…It’s mandatory. You have to have the hand chainsaw.” And in regards to the overall attitude of “Ash” Bruce states, “He’s one of the few guys that trash-talks a “Deadite” then kills em’, then trash talks em’ some more after it’s dead!”

Sam Raimi couldn’t help but comment on the overall direction the show is taking when it comes to “Ash” and his character development. “When it comes to being a coward, he pulls it off very well,” Raimi says with a sheepish grin at Campbell. Lucy, who plays the character of Ruby on the show, states “She (Ruby) has a bloody 30-year chip on her shoulder because she knows Ash has unleashed the Deadites into society. It is really annoying.” Bruce simply replies, “She will succumb to my charms.” And then Sam, without skipping a beat says, “Too bad it is nowhere in the script that this happens.” And then Bruce insists again that, “It will happen off set…” It was shared that Bruce was figuring out ways to push the action as he directed the first episode alongside Raimi and he has a huge influence on how the overall show is produced this time around.

The last comment Raimi shared was that the show is a, “Nightmarish mix-mash of all 3 movies. And it is definitely not skipping out in the funny department. The production is currently in the middle of shooting the 10th episode now and will get a October 31st release on Starz!




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