Check Out the Teaser for Hulu’s Upcoming Anthology Series ‘Dimension 404’

This one certainly caught me by surprise. Probably because I don’t have Hulu.  I might have to change that to check out this show though.  Not only does it have an interesting cast in front of the camera, but it has some intriguing talent behind it.

“Dimension 404” is a new sci-fi anthology series coming to Hulu this April 4th.  The series is a collaboration by the guys behind “RocketJump,” the YouTube channel famous for creating some cool effect heavy videos, and Lionsgate Television.  Each episode will be a hour long self-contained story in the vein of “Black Mirror” (though with a more comedic retro edge to it based on the trailer).

The series will star the likes of Patton Oswalt, Tom Noonan, Joel Mchale, Constance Wu, Robert Buckley, and many more.  Check out the first trailer below and let us know what you think.

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