Checkout the iZombie Trailer, Aly Michalka Joins Cast!

Just announced last week, Easy A actress Aly Michalka will fill the role of Peyton for the iZombie TV series. Peyton is the roommate and best friend of the medical student-turned-brain-eater Liv (Rose McIver) as the state of Oregon being taken over by apocalyptic fights, vampires and (of course) zombies.! A screening of the full episode fell through during the San Diego Comic-Con as they made some last-minute casting decisions which we can assume has something to do with the character of
Peyton. The trailer is out and can be viewed here:

Based on the popular Vertigo (owned by DC) comic, the show promises to be a thinking zombie’s voyage into the deep recesses of a corpse’ mind. In this case, it is the main (zombie) character that can inherit the memories of the brains she ingests similar to the character R in Warm Bodies. This makes her a valuable asset to the Seattle Police Department as we get glimpses of the flashbacks or thoughts from the brains she eats with a dash of hot sauce.

The show’s lead main character Liv looks to be smartly portrayed by Rose McIver from “Once Upon a Time” and “Masters of Sex”. And as mentioned in earlier articles, Rose’s character must eat a brain from time to time in order to prevent herself from turning into a mindless zombie herself. Forensic pathologist Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, played by Rahul Kohli, finds out Liv’s dark secret as he notices brains that go missing on some of the corpses he does forensic autopsies on. And rookie Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) relies on Liv’s vision in order to help him look like he’s doing his job. !

iZombie is one of my favorite comic-to-show adaptations that has yet to be released. All the signs point to the show becoming another fun and original hit to the already impressive CW lineup.

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