Comic-Inspired Poster for [REC] 3: Genesis

Currently available on VOD platforms is Paco Plaza’s latest offering in the [REC] franchise, [REC] 3: Genesis. And while I’ve heard a slew of mixed reviews, I think it will be pretty unanimous that this comic-inspired poster for the flick looks totally awesome! Check it out below courtesy of iTunes.

The film stars Leticia Dolera, Javier Botet and Diego Martin.

Synopsis: “Koldo and Clara are about to celebrate the most important day of their lives: their wedding. Everything appears to be running smoothly and the bride and groom and their families are enjoying a wonderful day; that is, until some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. Before they know what’s happening, the bride and groom find themselves in the middle of a hellish ordeal, as an uncontrollable torrent of violence is unleashed on the wedding. Amidst the chaos, Koldo and Clara become separated and begin a desperate search for one another. What started off as an idyllic day quickly descends into a nightmare of the worst kind…”

Also be on the lookout this September 7th, as the film will be hitting theatres.

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