Costume Quest 2 is in Development

While the original “Costume Quest” may be the furthest thing from a “horror” game, it still holds a special place in the hearts of those that love the Halloween season.  ”Costume Quest” had the trappings of a simple RPG, but what made it stand out was the way it captured the feeling of being a kid on Halloween night. Of letting your imagination take over and letting the infinite possibilities play out.  It was like having pure whimsy liquefied and injected into my veins.

Its been four years since the game originally debuted and it had seemed like any hope for a sequel had dwindled away.  Beyond the release of a painfully brief, but enjoyable, DLC expansion there didn’t seem to be much interest in keeping the series going.

That was, until earlier today, when Double Fine announced that it was teaming up with publisher Midnight City to start development on “Costume Quest 2.”

Midnight City broke the news today by posting an announcement trailer to their YouTube page, which you can check out below.  It doesn’t reveal anything at all, but like Halloween night, it offers a promise of mischief and fun. In fact, the only thing we know is that the game will feature “more costumes, more quests, and more candy.”  It’ll hit consoles and PC this October.

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