Could We Get an All-Female Ghostbusters from the Director of Bridesmaids?

This is an interesting rumor/unconfirmed report to say the least.  The continuing saga of “Ghostbusters 3″ has added another chapter to it’s development history today.  THR is reporting that Sony has found a new director to pursue and is possibly looking to reboot the film in a big way.

According to THR, Sony is currently in talks with director Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) to take on the challenge of directing the next “Ghostbusters” film.  At this point, it sounds like they haven’t even become formal discussions, but THR says that both Sony and Feig are interested in working together on the project.

The same sources are also telling THR that the new film could be a reboot of sorts with an all-female cast.  Given Feig’s success with all-female comedies, these two reports seem to mesh together pretty well.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that the old “Ghostbusters” cast wouldn’t be on hand to pass the torch.  We know that at least Dan Aykroyd would return, but it still sounds like Bill Murray has no interest in the project.

So what say you?  Would you be down for an all-female “Ghostbusters”?  Who would you want to star in it?  Given that Feig seems to like working with her, I imagine that Melissa McCarthy would be a frontrunner.  Personally I’d love to see Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, or Amy Poehler involved.  Particularly the last two since they have great chemistry together.

Could We Get an All Female Ghostbusters from the Director of Bridesmaids?

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