Crackle to Release ‘Dead Rising’ Movie

Here’s an interesting partnership.  Crackle, a company owned by Sony, is releasing a feature length film based on “Dead Rising.”  A game currently only available on the XBox One and PC.  Not Sony.

Variety is reporting that Crackle is teaming up with production company Contradiction Films to create the digital full-length feature film.  Contradiction Films, you might remember, were responsible for the “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” web-series.  So these guys have some experience when it comes to adapting video game properties.  Adding some extra weight to the production will be Legendary who is also partnering up for the project.

Currently the film has no director, but Tim Carter has been assigned to write the script.  An interesting choice as Carter has written feature films (“The Chateau Meroux”) and video games (“Watch Dogs”).  He is also a producer at Contradiction Films and worked on “Mortal Kombat: Legacy.”

After the films initial premiere on Crackle it’ll also head to DVD, VOD, and TV.  So if you don’t have Crackle, you’ll still have plenty of ways to catch this one when it eventually premieres.

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