Cumberbatch Drops Out of Del Toro’s Crimson Peak

Benedict CumberbatchAwhile back Benedict Cumberbatch joined the cast of Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Today it has been revealed that he has dropped out of the picture for “unknown reasons”. Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam are all still on board so don’t worry, not everyone is jumping ship.

Currently Legendary Pictures and del Toro are looking for a replacement and will shoot in February as long as everything goes according to plan.

I’m pretty excited for del Toro’s return to R rated horror. He has likened this film to The Shining and is making this film much smaller and character driven compared to some of his previous films. To get an idea of what you are in for here is quote directly from the man himself about the film.

[Crimson Peak] has moments that are very visceral, physical violence.  You’re in this sort of sedate romance and then there is this brutal moment where you’re like, “Whoa!”  And it has a lot of kinky moments.  The only kinky moment I’ve ever shot is the leg f**k in The Devil’s Backbone. [laughs] This has a little more kinkiness than that.

Source: Variety

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