Danielle Harris Opens Up About Not Being in the New ‘Halloween’ Film

For me, personally, Jamie Lloyd and Laurie Strode are on the same level when it comes to “Halloween” heroines and I always thought it was a shame that they never got to share the screen together and tag-team Michael Myers.  Well, if you were hoping that something like that might finally happen in the new “Halloween” movie . . . I’ve got some bad news for you.

While it didn’t seem likely that the character of Jamie Lloyd would return to the “Halloween” series at this point, it’s been confirmed by Danielle Harris herself that she won’t be back.  Speaking on a Facebook livestream Harris opened up about the upcoming film and revealed that she’s feeling a bit bummed about the whole situation. Here’s the relevant clip down below:


If you can’t watch the video, here are the choice bits transcribed for your reading pleasure:

I’m bummed out. And here’s why I’m bummed out: I’ve done four “Halloween” movies and I’m grateful for those movies . . . I’m forever indebted to the ‘Halloween’ franchise, it’s been very good to me.  What I am bummed about is . . . first of all I’ve never met Jamie Lee Curtis, not once, just so you know. I’ve never met her before so there’s no beef between to us.  I’ve met John Carpenter one time, he had no idea who I was.  I got his autograph, I told him that I was in some of the “Halloween” movies, and he asked me what I do and I said I was an actress and that’s as far it went.

What I was bummed about with the new “Halloween” is that she has a daughter. I was okay with it when she had a son. And back then it was for H20 . . . but they’re saying that it’s the last one and that she has a daughter and it’s not Jamie.

We did put in a call, thought it’d be kind of cool to have a little flashback or . . . they were not interested.  So, I tried.

I know John Carpenter has said in the past that he didn’t pay any attention to the “Halloween” films beyond the ones he was involved in, but it’s a real bummer that he didn’t even know who Danielle was.  That’s a heartbreaker, I can’t imagine how that must’ve felt to meet him and have that happen.  But beyond that it sounds like Danielle’s issue is that Jamie Lloyd is being glazed over and her “Halloween” contributions including the Rob Zombie films are no longer a part of the cannon with this new film.  It’s a damn shame, but understandable why they would do that.  Still, it would be nice to see Danielle get some kind of love in the new movie even if it were just a cameo.  Hopefully whoever is in charge will find a place for her in the new film.

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Danielle Harris

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