Dead Island Returns Again with ‘Escape Dead Island’

If you can’t get enough of that hot “Dead Island” property, there are currently plenty of ways to experience it.  You could start with the original “Dead Island”, try and work your way through the spin-off “Dead Island: Riptide”, jump into the world of MOBAs with “Dead Island Epidemic”, wait for the sequel “Dead Island 2″, or even try your hand at the spiritual successor “Dying Light.”

But maybe you want a “Dead Island” with a more mysterious twist.  Well, Deep Silver and developer Fatshark are hoping to accommodate you as well with their next game “Escape Dead Island.”  Announced today, the newest entry into the “Dead Island” franchise will serve as a prequel to the events that happened on Banoi Island in the first game.

In the new game, you’ll take on the role of Cliff Caylow, a photojournalist investigating reports of an outbreak on the island of Narapela.  As the title suggests, you’ll be trying to escape the island before the undead consume you.  However, zombies aren’t the only threat as Cliff seems to be suffering from severe deja vu.  As the story progresses you’ll be forced to relive events and repeat days as you try and uncover the mysterious nature of the island.

Check out the first trailer below.  “Escape Dead Island” is expected to release this Fall on the XBox 360, PS3, and PC for $40.  Pre-ordering the game through Gamestop will also get you access to a “Dead Island 2″ beta.

PS. See if you can find the nod to “The Shining” in the trailer.

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