Dead Rising 3 DLC, Operation Broken Eagle Delayed

I have yet to play Dead Rising 3 because frankly I am not sure if I want to blow my load on an Xbox One. So although Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are two of the best zombie games ever made I have yet to experience Dead Rising 3.

A brand new DLC is being planned called Operation Broken Eagle but Capcom has decided to push back its release so they can focus on a few tweaks to improve the game for players.

Operation Broken Eagle will focus on a Special Forces soldier named Adam Kane who is tasked with finding and recovering the President of The United States. Those of you who have been long time fans of John Carpenter should be thinking Escape from NY right about now! The new downloadable content addon for Dead Rising 3 will feature 5 new weapons, a new vehicle and more.

Have you played Dead Rising 3? Is it worth the cost of an Xbox One? Let those of us who have not pulled the trigger yet know.


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