Eli Roth is Teaming Up with Universal Studios to Present this Year’s Terror Tram at Universal Studios

The crazy storm of Halloween announcements has finally reached it’s end.  And this final announcement we begin to play the most maddening game of all: the waiting game.

Universal Studios has announced that it is partnering up again with horror director Eli Roth for a new Terror Tram experience.  For those that don’t know the Terror Tram is an incredibly unique experience that you can only have at Universal Studios Hollywood.  The famous studio tram tour that takes you through the historical Universal Studios backlot is transformed from the typical informative experience into a nightmarish hellscape.  What’s especially cool is that they let  you get out of the trams and actually walk through some of the backlot attractions.

This year the terror tram is being presented by Eli Roth and feature a devious clown haunting the backlot.  It’s not clear just how much involvement Eli Roth had in putting this thing together, but the concept sounds fun and it seems like the kind of idea he’d drum up.  Here’s the breakdown of this year’s Terror Tram:

The all-new “Terror Tram” experience will tell the sordid tale of former Angeleno resident Harold Kappowitz whose alter ego “Koodles the Clown” went from cheerful circus performer, to the lovable star of his own children’s network television show…before he was overcome by his genuine “killer instincts.”

By the 1990s, hard knocks took a deadly toll on Kappowitz, and the onetime endearing clown found himself exiled by the very Hollywood entertainment community that once adored him. With an all-consuming anger and hatred, Kappowitz—a now crazed and disheveled recluse—took refuge from society by hiding out at Universal Studios, emerging as notorious serial killer clown, “Hollywood Harry.”  Recurring murders began to dominate the studio, as “Hollywood Harry” drew strength from recruiting other outcast former clowns who, together, took revenge on Studio Tour guides and visitors alike, ceremoniously killing them, and leaving behind a deadly trail of terror.

Clearly Eli Roth is still in a clown headspace after the release of the film he recently produced “Clown.”  Still, this seems like a good match for the Terror Tram. I’m just curious to see what the Eli Roth name actually brings to it.  Check out the teaser down below.


Eli Roth Terror Tram

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