‘Escape Room’ Kicks Off a New Year of Horror with a Strong Debut

January used to be known as the dumping ground for movies studios had no faith in, but in recent years it has also become home to horror movies.  After all the holiday cheer and wonderment people might be in the mood for something a little different, so putting a horror movie out in January isn’t such a bad idea.  This year our first offering is “Escape Room” and it seems as if horror is coming out of the gate strong.

According to Box Office Mojo “Escape Room” managed to pull in $18 million on its opening weekend. With an estimated budget of $9 million the movie is already on its way to being profitable.  It’s also doing somewhat okay in terms of reviews.  “Escape Room” currently has a 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. While not a stellar review score, it’s a good mix of positive and negative reviews.

“Escape Room” might do alright for the next couple of weeks as there isn’t a whole lot coming out till January 18th.  This coming week we have the release of the Keanu Reeves film “Replica,” but that one hardly has any buzz around it so I don’t suspect it’ll have a strong opening.  However, when we get to the 18th we’ll see the release of “Glass” and that could potentially be the biggest movie of January.

So what did you watch this weekend?  Did you head out to theaters for “Escape Room?” Or did you catch something at home? Let us know down below.

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