Fake Walking Dead Trailer Actually Real?

You will most likely recall that last week a rather slick teaser trailer for the second season of Walking Dead hit the web and caused quite the buzz. The trailer is below in case you missed it.

Directly after it hit the web however the producer of the show Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman both took  to twitter to say its a great trailer but its fan made and is not a legitimate trailer. We of course quickly filed it under awesome but fake.

Since posting the trailer however I have had multiple readers comment back to me with comments ranging from ‘its real you moron’ to more diplomatic ‘this isnt fake at all’. The trailer I am told by multiple readers from the UK appeared during the premiere of Falling Skies. The channel it aired on was FX UK which has the exclusive rights to the series.

So it seems this trailer is legit so why are the producer and Kirkman saying its fake?


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