Final Destination 6 In Jeopardy, Because of Fans

There is something to be said for a no nonsense approach to dealing with your fans but I wonder if blaming fans for a movies failure is a good idea.

This morning I read a rant on Facebook on the Final Destination 5 page blaming fans for stealing the movie undermining its success and putting Final Destination 6 in jeopardy. Here is what was written;

People need to stop watching bootlegged versions of the movie. Because people are watching it on the internet, that means less people saw it in theaters or will buy it on DVD and therefore the chances of FD6 are less and less. The reason why FD5 underperformed at the box office is because lots of people saw it on the internet instead of buying tickets to see it in the cinema.

If people watched it at the cinema instead of watching it on the internet, FD5 could have outperformed ‘The Final Destination’ and FD6 would have been confirmed by now. Instead the fate of FD6 is still unconfirmed and the chance of it being made is less and less. If you are a true fan of the franchise, help it out by paying a little more to see it on DVD or in theaters, not cheap versions on the internet.

My gut reaction to the post is good for them. The number of comments on the post where people admitted to boot legging Final Destination 5 is staggering.

I for one think that stealing a movie whether its a film you like or not is never the answer. How do we expect filmmakers to keep developing and releasing films we love if as fans we do not pay for them?

I also however did not see Final Destination 5. Not because I am not a fan of the franchise but because I can not justify spending $20 to go see a movie that would have been fun but not exactly cutting edge or original. However their are other instances where I buy everything for no other reason then to support actors and filmmakers I love.

I own every George Romero movie including the movies I felt were lackluster. I also own every single Bruce Campbell movie including some of the more dubious titles like Man With the Screaming Brain and Alien Apocalypse. Why do I own them regardless of quality? Because unlike with Final Destination I truly love George and Bruce and their work and the fact they take risks and try hard to deliver imaginative work for their fans. If I don’t buy it then how can they keep trying to do new and fun things?

The same can be said for you Final Destination 5 fans who love the franchise and bootlegged it. Did you see Final Destination 5?

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