First Look At Tiffany Shepis’ Wrath of the Crows

A little intriguing indie flick has just hit my radar entitled Wrath of the Crows. One, its full on gore. Two, it deals with the supernatural, and three, it stars Tiffany Shepis. Pretty much a match made in… Hell.

Below you will find the extremely long synopsis so please beware of spoilers and we have the NSFW trailer which is full of brutality and the red stuff, check it out.

Wrath of the Crows is written & directed by Ivan Zuccon and also stars Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal and Domiziano Arcangeli. Look for this one this Fall.

Synopsis: “In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry, Deborah, Hugo, Hernest and Liza, the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer. Yet above all of them there is the Judge. Nobody ever saw him, but he is the one that sets the rules and he’s feared from inmates and guards too.

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