First Official Trailer & Poster for Naked Zombie Girl

Naked Zombie Girl PosterTwo words for you, “freakin’ awesome!” That’s what I thought upon watching the trailer for Rickey Bird’s upcoming grindhouse zombie short, Naked Zombie Girl. I mean, what more could you want in a film. Here we have zombies, buckets of the red stuff, a naked girl and of course the chainsaw. So, head on down for the early details and give the trailer a look. Let us know what you make of it?

The film stars Meghan Chadeayne, Joshua Kieth Mathews, and Ali Doughtery.

SynopsisA grind house style zombie short film about a girl killing zombies naked with a chainsaw.

The short is so close to being finished, but as you all know. Making any film can be expensive. So, they have set up an indieGoGo campaign to help with the final push and to try to raise $10,000 to get the short finished and submitted to a slew of festivals and whatnot.

So, if you can help, be it by submitting a pledge and receiving some awesome perks or just simply sharing and getting the word out there, that would be awesome and I’m sure they would thank you kindly.

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page and show your support.

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