Fresh Meat Vixen: Katrina Bowden

Fresh Meat Vixen’s is long overdue and a few of the lads have been reminding me that I have been letting down humanity by not taking my job as the purveyor of the Fresh Meat Vixens seriously. Todays Fresh Meat Vixen comes as a direct result of Sam’s review of  Tucker & Dale vs Evil which happens to star Katrina Bowden whom you guessed it is our newest Fresh Meat Vixen.

Katrina Bowden stars as Allison who is kidnapped by two evil and deranged hillbillies named Tucker and Dale. Or has she been? Dale & Tucker vs Evil is a tongue in cheek horror comedy that is trying hard to be the next big landmark movie within the genre. Katrina Bowden is no stranger to horror films or films in general but I am also pretty sure most of you would not pick her out of a crowd and go ‘hey thats Katrina Bowden’ which is why she is our next Fresh Meat Vixen. An up and coming horror star that we should all be keeping our eyes on.

Katrina Bowden will next be seen in Piranha 3DD which hits theatres this November where she plays the role Shelly which I think we can agree will be pretty much focused on her drop dead good looks and lots of b-movie fish action in 3D. After that she can be seen in the thriller Nurse 3-D where she plays a black widow that lures men into a trap.

If things dont work out in her acting career which seems very unlikely she has alot of potential as a model of just about anything. If she was selling rhubarb sticks I would buy it!

I am not sure what this new fashion is where you roll your pants down but its definitely  a unique look. Kids these days ( holy crap I feel old at 30 )

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