[FrightFest Halloween] New Official Poster for ‘Abrakadabra’

Luciano and Nicolás Onetti’s fourth film, Abrakadabra, marks the third and final in their Giallo trilogy which recently had its world premiere at the STIGES film festival. And now with Halloween fast approaching, it’s almost time for another trip to FrightFest, and as such, Abrakadbra will be playing at the occasion and we have some gorgeous new artwork to coincide with the screening.

From the Press Release:

FrightFest unleashed the official poster of “Abrakadabra” for their popular Halloween all-day event, now at the Cineworld Leicester Square on Saturday 3rd November.

The film “Abrakadabra”, directed by brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti, had its world premiere at SITGES Film Festival last week. “Abrakadabra” was one of the 7 films selected to participate in the “Upcoming Fantastic Films” section at CANNES Film Festival this year.

“Abrakadabra” is the fourth film by the Onetti brothers and closes the “giallo” trilogy that began with “Sonno Profondo” (2013) and “Francesca” (2015). They also directed “What the Waters Left Behind” (2017).

“Dante, The Great”, a prestigious magician, accidentally dies during a risky magic trick. Thirty-five years later his son Lorenzo, also a magician, presents a magic show in one of the most important theaters in the city. From then on, a series of murders will begin to take place and will attempt to incriminate him. Lorenzo must discover who and why seeks to involve him before it is too late…

“Abrakadabra” is starred by Germán Baudino (“What the Waters Left Behind”, “2/11 Day of the Dead”) y María Eugenia Rigón (“Deadpoint”), and also starring Clara Kovacic (“I am So, Tita from Buenos Aires”, “Jasmine”), Ivi Brickell (“Until it happens”, “Parasomnia”), Gustavo D´Alessandro (“Francesca”), Raúl Gederlini (“Francesca”) and Pablo Vilela (“Giants of Mexico”).

For more information and ticket prices, head on over to FrightFest.


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