Gary Tunnicliffe Talks ‘Hellraiser: Judgement’

Hellraiser RevelationsUnless you have been living under a rock or a bloody corpse for the past week, you should know that a new Hellraiser is in the works and Doug Bradley will not be back to reprise the role of Pinhead. Instead, Heather Langenkamp has been cast, and Gary Tunnicliffe will be directing the new film, which he recently revealed to be entitled Hellraiser: Judgement.

Now, Tunnicliffe wrote Hellraiser: Revelations, a film which I think gets WAY more hate than it deserves. Is it a masterpiece? Not by a long shot, but it definitely isn’t the worst in the series. Check out my article HERE for a more in-depth explanation of the film. For me, Hellraiser: Revelations should be classed as the best of the worst.

So, with Tunnicliffe know directing a Hellraiser movie, finally, Fangoria recently caught up with the man, and he revealed quite a lot in regards to the latest Hellraiser film;

This is not a simple recycling of the HELLRAISER formula; his is a film that will boast some of the strangest, most bizarre, horrific and thought provoking sequences ever seen in a horror film, a horror film that owes it’s inspiration to the works of Heironymous Bosch, and Francis Bacon as well as Cronenberg, Fincher and Lynch (the David’s, as we nickname the influences here) as well as obviously and foremost Clive Barker…

The film isn’t a re-hashing of an old script (as some lesser informed sites are assuming) nor was it rushed into production. It’s a completely original piece and so far it’s looking pretty amazing… we certainly have some sights to show you.

And lastly, for you, the fans;

To the fans, I would say this… I know you’ve been let down, and trust me, I have too, but simply give me a chance. I know we can NEVER make a film as great as the first two HELLRAISER’s, I wouldn’t even attempt to do so, but I think we have a fun script here an opportunity with an amazing cast and crew to give you all something that feels a little familiar, a little different, completely terrifying and is a worthy part of the HELLRAISER Canon….. oh and of course if you want blood?…. well you’ve got it!

In Revelations, Tunnicliffe really had something with his script, and Victor Garcia did the best he could, considering they were on a STRICT schedule. If they had more time, Revelations COULD have been the Hellraiser film we have been longing for. For me, it’s the closet to the original since Bloodlines. So, I’m actually super stoked for Judgement, but it’s not about me, it’s about you. What do YOU think?

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