Gaumont International Unleashing a Barbarella TV Series

TV is suddenly all the rage. A slew of genre films are in the pipeline to be adapted for the TV and today we bring news that the highly-sexual Barbarella will be making her way to TV via a brand series.

According to Deadline, Gaumont International Television and producer Martha De Laurentiis are teaming up with Nicolas Refn (Drive) to unleash a Barbarella TV series.

Refn has been attached to direct and executive produce the series while Julien Forest & Jean-Marc Lofficier will co-executive produce.

The original Barbarella film starred Jane Fonda ”as the titular heroine who lands on the planet Lythion in the year 40,000.  Faced with robots, monsters and evil of varying stripes, she must vanquish her enemies, all while attempting—and failing—to keep her skin-tight spacesuit on.  Along the way she receives assistance from a variety of handsome men, each of whom receives her uninhibited appreciation.”

Dino De Laurentiis, was working on a feature Barbarella remake before his death in 2010, there is still no word regarding the state of the proposed remake.

So what do you guys think about a Barbarella TV series?

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