Ghostbusters 3 Being Redeveloped Following Death of Ramis

In case you’re one of the few just finding out, Harold Ramis passed away yesterday due to complications with a rare infection.  Ramis, though an an accomplished writer and director, might be best known for his portrayal of Egon Spengler in “Ghostbusters.”

For years there have been rumors and speculation surrounding the possibility of a third sequel to the classic 80’s film.  With the passing of Ramis, it was assumed by many that the time for a new sequel had come and gone. However, according to THR, Sony Pictures is still moving forward with “Ghostbusters 3.”

The last big news item we had about “Ghostbusters 3″ was that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (“The Office”) were working on a script for the film which was to be directed by Ivan Reitman.  According to THR, Reitman is expected to meet with studio executives to discuss how the film will move forward in the wake of Ramis’ passing.

Meanwhile, the writers are working on a revamped version of the script that would take into account the recent developments.  Some of THR’s sources have indicated that Ramis had a small role in the upcoming film and others are saying that his presence was more beneficial to behind-the-scene aspects, rather than in front of the camera.

Whatever the case may be, the passing of Harold Ramis will have an impact on the development of the film, if it ever gets made.  Whether its in the production or on the screen, Ramis’ input will be sorely missed.


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