Ghostbusters 3 Release Date Set for 2013?

Does anyone really know what is going on with Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters 3? Last we heard was, Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t continue until Bill Murray has read the script and agreed to sign on. However, the guys over at Toys and Gadgets have, what looks to be a spread from the Licensing International Expo magazine, but it just doesn’t look all that official.

Anyway, the statement reads “Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has a licensing program targeting the Ghostbusters core fan base of the relaunch of the movie franchise in 2013.”

The key word there is “relaunch”. Does this mean they have decided to go for a reboot instead of a third Ghostbusters film in 2013? Is this even legit? I tried contacting Sony to confirm this, but to no avail.

So if this is a reboot, would you be up for it, or would you prefer a third film or perhaps you are just done with Ghostbusters?

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