Happy Birthday Robert Englund

Today is Robert Englunds birthday and in celebration we are declaring it Robert Englund day world wide. We are doing this on the authority vested in us by … uhh… well.. nobody.

Anybody who wants to argue about why its Robert Englund day today can take it up in their nightmares.

Robert Englund is an icon of the horror genre and to this day remains a fan favorite with die hard fans who love this genre. He has starred in many films but is still best known for being one of the original nightmare makers Freddy. Robert Englund was born June 6th 1947 for those who cant do the math and has one hell of a career as an actor.

One of the most noteworthy items that could have truly changed the course of his career was his near auditions for Star Wars. Robert Englund and Mark Hamil are very close friends and when Mark Hamil was cast as LUKE in Star Wars Robert Englund nearly auditioned for Han Solo.

Try to picture Englund as a wise cracking ass kicking space jockey instead of an iconic horror figure.

Robert on behalf of everyone on site and all our readers we wish you a happy 66th birthday and wish you many more years of health, happiness and success.

Happy Birthday Robert Englund

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