HBO Debuts Trailer for ‘Leftovers’

I’m not sure if this will ultimately be something we cover on the site, but since it involves the Rapture and other biblical ideas, there’s a possibility there could be some demonic/horrific elements in play.  Keeping that in mind, I figured it would be safe to at least post the trailer for now and then we’ll see how the show develops itself.

“Leftovers” comes by way of Damon Lindelof (“Lost”) and focuses on the aftermath of a Rapture-like event where 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappears.  In the Bible, the Rapture is usually a precursor to the arrival of the anti-Christ and Hell on Earth. I don’t know if this series will explore those aspects, but the trailer does suggest that something is afoot. Check it out below.

The series will debut on HBO on June 29th.

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