Here’s the Character that’ll Crossover Between ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and ‘Walking Dead’

So, if for some reason this is a big spoiler for you, be warned.  Last month we learned that “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” would finally “collide” with a crossover.  At the time, all we knew was that one character from one show would appear in another.  Well, tonight on “Talking Dead” we finally learned which character it would be.

Now, since “Fear the Walking Dead” is a prequel it wouldn’t make sense for a high profile character on that show to appear on “Walking Dead” as it would rob that character of any future tension.  And it stands to reason that only a few characters in “The Walking Dead” would be able to reasonably appear on “FTWD” given how far they would have to travel to wind up in both worlds as “FTWD” will be in Texas next season and “Walking Dead” is in Georgia. So who will be bridging the gap between the shows?  It’s . . . MORGAN!

Let’s think about this.  Morgan saves Rick in season one.  At some point he goes crazy and starts wandering the woods until he finds Eastman.  After he gets his head right he begins to look for Rick and eventually hooks up with him.  So, somewhere between all of that Morgan finds himself in Texas and running into the “FTWD” crew.  It’ll be interesting to see how they explain how Morgan winds up there.

If you’re a fan of Morgan on “The Walking Dead”, don’t fret, according to Scott Gimple Morgan will still have plenty of story left to tell on the core series.  At this point it isn’t known how long Morgan will be on Fear, but they did say he would be heading to Texas tomorrow to begin filming on the next season.

So what do you think?  Excited to see Morgan on “Fear the Walking Dead?”  Let us know below.

Morgan crossover

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