You Voted: Best Horror Movies of 2011

You Voted is an  ongoing series where we ask you a question and you give us the answers which in turn form our editorials. This go around we asked you what your favorite horror movies of 2011 were and man did we get a massive response. We had literally tens of thousands of votes in our Best Horror Movies 2011 poll and now is the time where we share the final results.

Just before we dive into the list let me once again repeat this is not MY Top list. This is the final list of literally thousands of votes from die-hard horror fans just like you. So do not shoot the messenger if you do not agree with the films or where they land on the list. Agree or disagree with the list what you can not dispute is that this is the consensus of the horror community at large. Our 12,000 twitter followers, 16,000 Facebook fans and thousands of forum members.

#10) The Thing

I had very low expectations for the remake of The Thing. First and foremost I had to question why. That said I had to remind myself that John Carpenters remake of The Thing in 1982 is one of the best sci-fi horror films of all time. The 2011 remake can not hold a candle to John Carpenters version but I will admit as far as remakes go it was a worthy contender. The film is set in the Norwegian camp which we see at the very beginning of Carpenters remake and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

#9) Mothers Day

Darren Lynn Bousmans remake of the 1980 film of the same name is about the sadistic members of a villainous family who return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests. I am quite surprised to see this film on the list given I am not sure it even had a formal release anywhere yet. But no denying that clearly quite a few of you saw it and liked it.


#8) The Woman

Jack Ketchum is a master of horror and almost every film adaptation of his work is nothing short of genius. The Woman is directed by Lucky McGee and is a brutal look at religion, the role of the family and the sadistic nature of man. One of the most polished and brutal horror films of 2011 and well deserving to make this list.


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