[Horror Short] Jakob Bilinski’s ‘Lucky’

We here at HM.ca are always championing for the indies. This is where the true magic happen. Sure there may be limitations in regards to funding, but the sheer imagination is second to none and we love it. So, today we have a little short for you guys to check out, and I think you will really dig this one.

The horror short Lucky, was part of a contest in Owensboro, KY which was entitled Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience. Basically, for those who won, they would have their script filmed by a local talent, in this instance it just so happened to be Jakob Bilinski, who is currently in post-production on his latest flick Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh, and the result is the short below.

The shoot was pretty much a run-and-gun shoot, as they had eight hours to film the short in the local library, so you can imagine this sucker must have been one hectic shoot. But the outcome is pretty damn stellar considering the whole run-and-gun aspects of it all.

Lucky was written by Todd Martin and stars Louisa Torres as Staci, and Dillon Schueller as Clay.

Go and check it out and let us know what you make of it?

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