In a Lonely Place [Review]

I’m sure Davide Montecchi’s In a Lonely Place will divide a few of you, and as I’m writing this I’m still trying to process my head around this one. In a Lonely Place is without question a beautifully shot film, it has this sort of melancholy enchantment about it and it simply draws you in. It’s subtle, but yet so deep when you delve into the characters on hand. It’s an interesting insight into us as humans and our desire for love, companionship and lust. It’s fascinating.

The film follows Thomas (Luigi Busignani) and Teresa (Lucrezia Frenquellucci), two long time friends who are able to share and confide in one another and us such their bond as friends has blossomed. But Thomas has always secretly had an obsession with Teresa, her beauty is simply radiant and contagious, but deep down she struggles with her very own identity, and as such has been unable to form a romantic bond.

However, Thomas is willing to do what ever it takes to delve deep within Teresa’s soul to help her find her inner beauty, but with this comes a cost, both on a physical and mental level for both of them. They go on a journey that is disturbing and on some level quite demented, but they soon learn that their lives are incomplete without each other. It’s hard to give you guys a sense of what this film is without revealing too much, but it’s also hard due to the context of the film. It’s deep, dark and it will play on your very mind. It’s quite the trip.

In a Lonely Place features excellent performances from Busignani, who comes off as quite eccentric, but deeply mysterious. He has this murderous gaze, but yet still quite timid. He reminds me quite a lot of Bill Oberst Jr. and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. And then of course there is Frenquellucci, who is absolutely stunning. She pulls off a range of different emotions in a fraction of a second and is quite simply a joy to watch. They both have excellent chemistry.

And then there is the lighting and the cinematography. It is utterly exquisite. The use of mirrors expressing two different sides of the characters personalities is simply inspired and then there are the beautiful long shots and the shadowing. For an indie film, this is definitely one of the best shot films I have seen in quite some time as it adds another dimension to the film and it plays on the characters’ feelings and emotions. While it isn’t necessarily scary, just the thought of what might happen is enough to keep you on edge.

Montecchi has delivered an excellent and thought-provoking piece here, however some may find it quite slow, but it adds to film as we get to know these characters and watch as their relationship, while twisted blossoms. It’s unique, fascinating and exquisitely dark. If you’re after a psychological horror film, keep those eyes peeled for this one.

In a Lonely Place

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