Inside Look At Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare” Experience

Ever wanted to experience Captain Spaulding’s creepy attractions for yourself? Or how about a super terrifying black-out experience with the “Lords of Salem”? Well, you just may get your chance as Rob Zombie kicks off his concert tour for America today, another curious creation of his will be coming to town this Halloween. It’s none other than Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. And for the lucky inhabitants of Phoenix and Illinois only, you’re in for a treat as Rob Zombie’s haunted attraction will surely have you in stitches as creatures will certainly be clowning around.

So the attractions are broken down into three experiences. You can buy tickets individually for “Captain Spaulding’s Clown School in 3D” which is hailed as a “pure terror, hallucinogenic-trip through the mind of “Captain Spaulding” (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects). Startle after startle will thoroughly frighten patrons, who won’t know if they should be laughing, screaming or crying.”

Next is the “Lords of Salem: In Total Blackout” which is super freaky with the lights on. Just imagine walking through this nightmare with the lights off! This harrowing attraction – based of of Zombie’s 2012 Lords of Salem independent horror film – is designed to twist the mind. Fear of the dark, claustrophobia and fear of the unknown will be preyed on as the visitor tries to traverse the 60-degree maze.”

And lastly, we have “The Devil’s Rejects” experience. “The murderous, backwoods Firefly family takes to the road to escape a vengeful police force that isn’t afraid to be as ruthless as its target. Guests will become a part of the state troopers’ search and destroy mission against the Firefly family, who are wanted for over 75 homicides and disappearances.”

The 3 haunted houses open to the masses starting September 26th and, if you’re in Chicago, his concert will be happening on the same weekend! If you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can enjoy Zombie’s concert on the 19th and also enjoy all 3 haunted houses for one low price.


  • VIP1 includes a commemorative t-shirt and quicker access to the haunted attractions than general admission,
  • VIP2 includes a commemorative t-shirt, preferential viewing area for the concert, a VIP only access bar and immediate access to the haunted attractions (very limited)

And, if you’re excited as I am for these events that include a bloody-good concert AND haunted house (that doesn’t bleed you dry…well… not entirely), I’ll see you there!




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