James Wan’s Demonic to Hit Theaters in December

Now, before you get all excited about James Wan returning to the horror genre, you need to know that he isn’t directly involved with this new feature film.  ”Demonic” is simply an idea he conceived and then passed on to other people.  Still, it’s from his brain, so if you love the work of James Wan that might be enough to draw you in.

Deadline is reporting that Dimension Films will release the supernatural thriller “Demonic” in theaters on December 12th.  The upcoming film centers on two detectives investigating the murder of five college students after a night of ghost hunting goes terribly awry. The film stars Maria Bello and Frank Grillo, so a little something for the ladies and something for the fellas.

The film is being directed by Will Canon whose first feature film was 2010′s “Brotherhood.”  He is also co-writing the screenplay with Doug Simon and Max La Bella.  James Wan just recently finished filming on the next installment in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise and is enjoying a bit of a break from directing horror films.

James Wans Demonic to Hit Theaters in December

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