Jason Patric Checks into Hotel 33

Well this is a little blast from the past. The last we heard was that Nicolas Cage was in the running, but soon that fell through, kind of a shame I actually really like Cage considering he gets a lot of heat. But, with Cage out, it looks like someone else has stepped in and I think many of you will be very pleased.

According to Variety, Jason Patric (Pictured right; The Lost Boys, Narc) will star in Kellie Madison’s directorial debut, Hotel 33, from a script that she penned.

Hotel 33 centers around a small town Pennsylvania detective interrogating a college student regarding the disappearance of his friend a haunted hotel where dozens of people went missing in 1953.

Open Road Films will be distributing the horror thriller.

Shooting is said to begin this January.

I know details are slim, again, but what do you guys think?

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