Lionsgate is Working on a True Story about a Military Exorcism

Just when I thought I’ve seen just about every type of exorcism film there is, Lionsgate manages to find a new twist on things.  And, brace yourself, this is another “true story.”

THR is reporting that Lionsgate has picked up a new script from writers Evan Turner and Harrison Query that is said to be a true-life story about a military exorcism.  Not much beyond that is being revealed about the film and my Google-fu can’t find any stories about exorcisms taking place in the military, but perhaps some out there has heard the tale and would like to share with the class?

The only other concrete bit of news is that producer Beau Flynn is attached to the project.  If you don’t recognize the name he helped to produce other notable exorcism films like “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and the Anthony Hopkins film “The Rite.”

Obviously there’s a lot more to be learned about this one, so stay tuned.


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