Lizardman Is B-Monster Mayhem

Fans of Creature From The Black Lagoon can rejoice as I bring to you Peter Dang’s Lizardman. Its everything you remember from the old monster movies and then some, gone is the CGI and back is the guy in a rubber suit, retro b-monster movie heaven!

First and foremost, thanks to Undead Backbrain for scoping this one out as it looks fantastic, that is, if you like some good old fashioned b-movies. I have fell in love with this one already a true homage to monster flicks of yesteryear.

Lizardman stars Michael Harding, James Lewis, Mike Gaglio, Tammy Klein, Frankie Cullen, Dylan Vox, Peter Stickles, Steve Blasini, Sherrie Box, Anthony Wade Vang, Mike Donahue, Amber McConnell, Amy Jokinen, Diana Terranova, Yelena Savranskaya & Matt Easton{Lizardman}.

Synopsis: “Billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by capturing his nemesis, the scaly crypto-creature known as the Lizard Man. Hansen wants to prove to the world that the Lizard Man really exists. A group of scientists, lead by  Professor Reeves examines this creature.  Reeves realizes he has a chance for fame and fortune and so convinces Hansen that the Lizard Man needs to be brought to Los Angeles. During a press meeting, the creature breaks out and wreaks havoc on the people of LA.”

Their Facebook page states an October 2011 release date so hopefully we will be seeing this one soon.

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